South Australia’s COVID App: The Last Straw

16 September 2021

The Spectator – Communist China is amassing unrivalled amounts of individual and company data as part of its plans to build a “social credit” system designed to control the lives of the Chinese people. The concept has been condemned as Orwellian utilising surveillance, big data collection and analysis to monitor the behaviour of its […]

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Sky News 14 July 2021 Vaccine Passports and the Australian Cricket Team Bolt with Bernardi

14 July 2021

Last night I spoke to Cory Bernardi from Sky News about:- 💉 Why we must reject vaccine passports; and 🏏 Why the Australian Cricket team’s support of the anti family, Marxist inspired Black Lives Matter movement proves that sports people should leave politics alone.

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The Spectator July 13 2021 Vaccine Passports

13 July 2021

Australians have the right to decide for themselves whether they wish to be vaccinated, or to pursue other means of prevention and treatment. Vaccine passports cannot be a tool used by government or the bureaucracy to coerce a person to undergo medical treatment against their will. Read my op ed in the Spectator EXCLUSIVE Liberal […]

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FlowFM 9 July 2021 China and the UN

09 July 2021

The United Nations Human Rights Council is comprised of such human rights “champions” as China, Russia and Venezuela. It’s like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. Australia being lectured to by this body in relation to its human rights track record is completely preposterous. Listen to my interview with Flow FM Australia.

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Sky News 7 July 2021 Chinese Communist Party Paul Murray Live

07 July 2021

The tyrants of the Chinese Communist Party have no intention of acting in good faith towards Australia. While we allow the radical left to distract us with their critical race theory and radical emissions targets, the CCP are building capacity. Every single thing we do in this country now needs to be about making this […]

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Sky News 2 July 2021 Vaccines and Genderless Passports Bernardi

02 July 2021

Great to speak with Cory Bernardi of Sky News about:- • The folly of the new gender “X” option on US Passports; • Why vaccinations must be an individual choice and not a direction from a health bureaucrat; • The dangers of vaccine passports and why corporations cannot be allowed to become the agents of […]

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Sky News 26 June 2021 Nuclear Power Credlin

26 June 2021

If Labor and the Greens were serious about achieving net zero emissions we would be having a serious discussion about safe, cheap, and reliable nuclear power generation. Watch my appearance on Credlin.

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Sky News 21 June 2021 Electric Vehicles Paul Murray Live

21 June 2021

Despite what you are told, electric vehicles are not yet all they are cracked up to be. Watch me talk to Paul Murray on Sky News

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