The Spectator – The Left are the Real Conspiracy Theorists

28 August 2020

ALEX ANTIC Conspiracy theories are a cultural phenomenon of the 20th and 21st centuries which conceptualise a set up by a corrupt, shadowy, and powerful group, often political in motivation enacted for an ulterior purpose.   Frankly, I have never had much time for conspiracy theories as to my mind, they operate a little like ghost stories, outstanding entertainment, but light on credibility.   Over the last decade, however, they have gained popular cultural awareness and are almost […]

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Menzies Research Centre Watercooler #20

27 August 2020

During August, I appeared on the Menzies Research Centre Watercooler program to discuss the loss of liberties, the dangers of authoritarianism, the ideological future of our educational institutions, and of course, the future of nuclear power! You can watch the full Watercooler #20 program here:

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The Australian – ASIO issues alert to universities over China links

25 August 2020

SHARRI MARKSON AND KYLAR LOUSSIKIAN Exclusive Australia’s spy agency has warned universities about the risk to ­national security from Chinese government recruitment programs, including the Thousand Talents Plan, and has alerted them as recently as May to the ­potential for collaboration to turn into espionage. ASIO gave private briefings to universities urging them to strengthen their […]

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OP ED – South Australia’s AFL Clubs Must Embrace Democracy

20 August 2020

It is sometimes said that the mood of South Australians and the trajectory of their working week can be measured by the performance of their two AFL clubs the Adelaide Football Club (the Crows) and the Port Adelaide Football Club (the Power). Over the last decade, the Crows have been plagued with scandals including a […]

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The Advertiser – Call to close Chinese consulate in Adelaide

17 August 2020

CLAIRE BICKERS SA News Fears over the ‘extreme’ threat foreign spies pose to Australia’s naval shipbuilding projects has prompted a call to close the Chinese consulate in Adelaide. Independent South Australian Senator Rex Patrick says the step is necessary after Defence Department concerns emerged about “highly active” foreign agents seeking information about the nation’s shipbuilding […]

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The Advertiser – Centre Alliance MPs Rebekha Sharkie and Stirling Griff targeted for recruitment by senior Liberals

13 August 2020

PAUL STARICK, CLAIRE BICKERS, MATT SMITH SA News The Liberal Party may pull the trigger on a bid to snap up Centre Alliance duo Rebekha Sharkie and Stirling Griff within weeks. An offer could be made for the pair to join the Liberal Party in a fortnight’s time when politicians return to Canberra for a sitting week, […]

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The Australian – South Australian conservatives push back on Liberals’ Centre Alliance move

12 August 2020

RICHARD FERGUSON Exclusive South Australian conservatives are rebelling against a Liberal push to bring Centre Alliance MPs Rebekha Sharkie and Stirling Griff into the government fold. The move would give the Coalition a two-seat majority in the House of Representatives and greater ease in negotiating the Senate if the two South Australians supported the government’s […]

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The Advertiser – Freeze Grants to Clubs Plea

07 August 2020

MATT SMITH SA News AFL clubs the Adelaide Crows and Port Power should be denied any taxpayer cash until their boards are democratically elected by members, a South Australian senator says. Liberal Senator, and former Adelaide City Councillor Alex Antic has told The Advertiser he will write to the Federal and State sports ministers to argue for […]

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