Sky News 26 April 2021 Paul Murray Live

27 April 2021

Local Government spends too much time and too much of their ratepayers money prosecuting trendy left wing issues. My message to local government is to remember they are there to deal with “roads, rates and rubbish”. Watch Paul Murray from Sky News ask me why:-

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Sky News 26 April Paul Murray Live

27 April 2021

The radical left first told us we were dealing with “global warming” then they called it “climate change”, and now we are told it’s about “climate justice”. In truth it’s about fear mongering. If the left are so convinced this is a true emergency, why don’t they take it up to the world’s largest emitter, […]

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Menzies Research Centre – ABC Accountability

23 April 2021

The ABC was once an institution of national unity but has now devolved into a progressive collective out of touch with mainstream Australia. Read my article for the Menzies Research Centre here:-

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Sky News 21 April 2021 Emissions Targets – Paul Murray Live

22 April 2021

Discussing the importance of cheap base load power, and why we should be embracing nuclear power as part of our future plans on Paul Murray Live.

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FlowFM 16 April 2021 Big Tech Censorship

17 April 2021

Big Tech companies cannot be allowed to decide who gets freedom of speech. Listen to my discussion with Rikki Lambert from Flow FM Australia about the issues we face with these corporate giants.

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Sky News 15 April 2021 China’s Game – Paul Murray Live

16 April 2021

COVID 19 has lifted the veil on the ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party and highlighted the need for Australia to increase its self reliance. In order for this country to rebuild we need co-operation from Labor, the Greens and the cross bench, not political games. Watch me talk to Paul Murray LIVE.

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Sky News – China’s Geopolitical Gaslighting

07 April 2021

Attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to gloss over human right abuses and genocide in Xinjiang amount to nothing more than geopolitical gaslighting. Watch my appearance on Paul Murray Live:-

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