Sky News 26 June 2021 Nuclear Power Credlin

26 June 2021

If Labor and the Greens were serious about achieving net zero emissions we would be having a serious discussion about safe, cheap, and reliable nuclear power generation. Watch my appearance on Credlin.

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Sky News 21 June 2021 Electric Vehicles Paul Murray Live

21 June 2021

Despite what you are told, electric vehicles are not yet all they are cracked up to be. Watch me talk to Paul Murray on Sky News

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Sky News 12 June 2021 Liberal Party Membership Outsiders

12 June 2021

Our democracy is pluralistic, liberal and inclusive and should be an invitation for all. The decision to reject Christian memberships of the Liberal Party in South Australia is very troubling. Menzies would be appalled. Watch my interview on Sky News Outsiders

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Sky News 3 June Energy and Freedom of Speech – Paul Murray Live

03 June 2021

The ABC’s lop sided politics, Labor’s Jekyll & Hyde energy policy and why freedom of speech on University campuses must be enforced. Watch Senator Eric Abetz and I speaking with Paul Murray LIVE on Sky News below:-

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Sky News 1 June Aged Care and Nuclear Power – Credlin

01 June 2021

Talking aged care reform and the future of nuclear power on Sky News Credlin. Watch my appearance below:-  

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