Sky News 13 August 2021 Bernardi – Freedom of Speech

13 August 2021

George Christensen MP is entitled to freedom of speech and should not have been cancelled. It is of genuine concern that his comments in our Federal Parliament were condemned and then buried by a foreign company. Our democracy needs to wake up to the dangers of Big Tech censorship before it’s too late. Watch me […]

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Sky News 12 August 2021 Chris Kenny – Lockdowns

12 August 2021

Lockdowns can never completely eliminate COVID-19. Finding a way to live with the virus without wrecking our economy and our way of life must be the goal. This culture of fear has to end. Watch me discuss with Chris Kenny on Sky News Australia.  

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Sky News 3 August 2021 Paul Murray Live – Hypocrisy of the Left

03 August 2021

When it comes to hypocrisy, the left do it better than anyone: – • Freedom Day March/Trump Political Rally/Republican Party Conference = Super Spreader Events • BLM March/Invasion Day Rally/Obama’s 60th Birthday Party = Important Political Gatherings. Watch me discuss these double standards on Paul Murray Live.

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