Sky News 3 September 2021 Bernardi – Greenwashing

03 September 2021

The process of conveying a false impression about a company’s environmental credentials is called “greenwashing”. Thanks to pressure from the UN, weak politicians and a growing cult of virtue in the west, it’s a growing phenomenon. Watch as I discuss the topic on Bernardi on Sky News.    

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Senate Inquiry into Media Diversity 6 September 2021 – Far Left Content

06 September 2021

Given YouTube’s stated commitment to removing “misinformation” I asked YouTube, during this week’s Senate inquiry into media diversity, whether they could direct me to any instances where they have deleted: • Videos relating to “far left” content; • Videos which called the Wuhan lab leak theory a conspiracy theory; • The ABC’s now discredited Luna […]

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Sky News 9 September 2021 Paul Murray Live – Unaligned Community Groups

09 September 2021

Australians deserve to know who is behind the creatively named “unaligned community groups” and what their real agendas are. Watch as I discuss calls to crack down on these left wing advocacy groups on Paul Murray Live.

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South Australia’s COVID App: The Last Straw

16 September 2021

The Spectator – Communist China is amassing unrivalled amounts of individual and company data as part of its plans to build a “social credit” system designed to control the lives of the Chinese people. The concept has been condemned as Orwellian utilising surveillance, big data collection and analysis to monitor the behaviour of its […]

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Sky News 17 September 2021 Kenny Report – Home Quarantine App

17 September 2021

The Home Quarantine App is symptomatic of a health bureaucracy which operates in a vacuum. We must not pave the way for an Australian social credit system. Watch as I discuss with Chris Kenny on Sky News.

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Sky News 22 September 2021 – Paul Murray Live Foreign Arrangements Scheme

22 September 2021

An agreement between the Victorian government and China to advance public-private partnerships is set to be reviewed pursuant to the Federal Government’s new Foreign Arrangements Scheme. State governments, local governments and the university sector can no longer freelance with foreign countries like the People Republic of China due to the introduction of this scheme. Watch […]

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