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Bring back true meaning of Christmas

03 November 2017

Liberal Senator for South Australia

Some of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood involve Christmas.

The joy of coming to the city to see it adorned with traditional Christmas decorations still lives on in my mind. In those days, the city felt like a destination. It felt like a special place which embraced the true meaning of Christmas.

The city had a real point of difference that suburban shopping centres could not replicate. In recent times, it feels as though the city has lost touch with the traditional meaning of Christmas with sparsely decorated streets and a gaudy, unnecessarily flashy Christmas tree in Victoria Square.

The kind of installation which wouldn’t look out of place on the Las Vegas Strip. The Christmas tree is meant to be a symbol of everlasting life, not a homage to the carbon offset benefits of LED lighting. The red bow symbolises a commitment to everlasting goodwill, and the wreath is a recognition of eternal love.

The city should be adorned with these traditional symbols, not wishes of “Happy Holidays”. Am I the only one who yearns for Christmas to throw off the shackles of the politically correct world? A world created by a grievance industry hellbent on taking the joy out of Christmas through craven attempts at social engineering. T hose who hide behind these imagined sensibilities are being both disingenuous and divisive.

Christmas is a Christian holiday designed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The name Christmas gives it away! It is true that the city’s efforts have improved from a few years back when Rundle Mall was adorned with cutouts of Christmas thongs and beach balls, but there is still work to do to recapture the spirit of Christmas. It is for this reason that I have lobbied to bring some meaning back to the city’s celebrations and encouragingly, Christmas 2017 will see the Adelaide City Council endeavouring to bring more of the magic back.

Victoria Square will be a better focal point and will pay homage to the true meaning of Christmas by including a nativity scene and other traditional decorations. Eleven hundred red bows will be tied to city lamp posts and we will be embracing Christmas carols delivered by both recorded and roaming carollers, along with a host of other initiatives. The decoration of the city is already underway and will be in full swing before the Christmas Pageant in two weeks’ time.

Embracing the traditional meaning of Christmas will hopefully make the city a destination again this year, and help our struggling retailers at the same time.

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