Senate Inquiry into Media Diversity 6 September 2021 – Far Left Content

06 September 2021

Given YouTube’s stated commitment to removing “misinformation” I asked YouTube, during this week’s Senate inquiry into media diversity, whether they could direct me to any instances where they have deleted: • Videos relating to “far left” content; • Videos which called the Wuhan lab leak theory a conspiracy theory; • The ABC’s now discredited Luna […]

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Sky News 3 September 2021 Bernardi – Greenwashing

03 September 2021

The process of conveying a false impression about a company’s environmental credentials is called “greenwashing”. Thanks to pressure from the UN, weak politicians and a growing cult of virtue in the west, it’s a growing phenomenon. Watch as I discuss the topic on Bernardi on Sky News.    

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Sky News 13 August 2021 Bernardi – Freedom of Speech

13 August 2021

George Christensen MP is entitled to freedom of speech and should not have been cancelled. It is of genuine concern that his comments in our Federal Parliament were condemned and then buried by a foreign company. Our democracy needs to wake up to the dangers of Big Tech censorship before it’s too late. Watch me […]

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Sky News 12 August 2021 Chris Kenny – Lockdowns

12 August 2021

Lockdowns can never completely eliminate COVID-19. Finding a way to live with the virus without wrecking our economy and our way of life must be the goal. This culture of fear has to end. Watch me discuss with Chris Kenny on Sky News Australia.  

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Sky News 3 August 2021 Paul Murray Live – Hypocrisy of the Left

03 August 2021

When it comes to hypocrisy, the left do it better than anyone: – • Freedom Day March/Trump Political Rally/Republican Party Conference = Super Spreader Events • BLM March/Invasion Day Rally/Obama’s 60th Birthday Party = Important Political Gatherings. Watch me discuss these double standards on Paul Murray Live.

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Sky News 23 July 2021 Kenny Report – Lockdowns

23 July 2021

Lockdowns are a blunt instrument and locking up law abiding South Australians in medi-hotel quarantine when they have committed no crime is absolutely not on. We will be living with this virus for the foreseeable future and we have to find a more sophisticated way forward. Watch my appearance on the Kenny Report on Sky […]

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Sky News 14 July 2021 Vaccine Passports and the Australian Cricket Team Bolt with Bernardi

14 July 2021

Last night I spoke to Cory Bernardi from Sky News about:- 💉 Why we must reject vaccine passports; and 🏏 Why the Australian Cricket team’s support of the anti family, Marxist inspired Black Lives Matter movement proves that sports people should leave politics alone.

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The Spectator July 13 2021 Vaccine Passports

13 July 2021

Australians have the right to decide for themselves whether they wish to be vaccinated, or to pursue other means of prevention and treatment. Vaccine passports cannot be a tool used by government or the bureaucracy to coerce a person to undergo medical treatment against their will. Read my op ed in the Spectator EXCLUSIVE Liberal […]

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