Sky News 28 March 2021 – Rowan Dean

29 March 2021

Thanks to the Outsiders team from Sky News Australia for flagging my question to the ABC during Senate Estimates last week about the direction to staff to avoid using the word “paedophile” so as not to marginalise those who had been clinically diagnosed with paedophilia but had not acted on their impulses.

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Sky News 19 March 2021 Chinese Consulate – Chris Kenny

20 March 2021

Given the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang, bellicose rhetoric towards Australia, and trade sanctions against us, South Australia should not be rolling out the red carpet for the opening of their new embassy at the end of the month. Watch my interview with Chris Kenny on Sky News

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Sky News – Extinction Rebellion Protests and Vandalism

12 March 2021

The acts perpetrated by Extinction Rebellion on Flinders Street this week were orchestrated, disruptive, and dangerous. This childlike behaviour needs an adult response and I will be exploring the potential for creating new Federal offences in relation to the incitement of public disruption and damage to property. Watch my interview on Sky News with Bernardi […]

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Sky News – Chinese Consulate in Adelaide

04 March 2021

Why does the Adelaide Chinese Consulate need 5,500 square metres and 12 staff? Watch as I discuss with Paul Murray on PM live:

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The Spectator – Want cultural change in politics? Rescue politics from the political class

25 February 2021

The entrenchment of the political class in parliaments across the nation is a rising issue in Australian politics. It is a problem which has plagued the political landscape in the United States with recently elected US President Joe Biden returning Washington to the political class by appointing a wave of long-time Democrat functionaries, political staffers […]

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Sky News – Three-person baby IVF vote expected

06 February 2021

Do the ends always justify the means? Discussing the concerns surrounding mitochondrial donation with Cory Bernardi on Sky News. Watch the interview here:

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Sky News – the possibility of President Kamala Harris

27 January 2021

I spoke to Rowan Dean from Sky News about the left’s drift toward authoritarianism, whether voters in the US have buyer’s remorse and the possibility of President Kamala Harris. Watch my appearance on Sky News below:

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The Spectator – Conservatives must be unafraid to speak out

19 January 2021

Rarely do people seek confrontation. In fact, most people look for ways to avoid it. The opportunity for confrontation surrounds us conservatives every single day. Itmightarise from a controversial statement by a friend who tells you that there is no need for strong borders, or from a conversation at work about the apparent need to change the date of Australia Day.   We all know the feeling. It is easier to keep the peace and let it go. After all, it is much simpler to find some common ground, pretend you did not hear, or just nod your head when […]

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