Senate Estimates – South Australian Manufacturing

30 October 2020 read more

Senate Estimates – ACCC and Censorship

28 October 2020

The selective burying of news by Big Tech during the United States election shows how much media power is now wielded by so few. During Senate Estimates I asked Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chair Rod Sims what can be done to ensure that social media giants don’t silence conservative voices in Australia.

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Senate Estimates – “Cuties” and the Classification Board

23 October 2020

I cannot understand how a disturbing Netflix film depicting lewd images of under aged girls received an MA15+ classification. I asked the Classification Board that question during Senate Estimates and was pleased to learn that it is subject to review. Watch the response here:-

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Senate Estimates – ABC Diversity and Inclusion Plan

22 October 2020

Why is ABC Australia now focussed on RESHAPING this country rather than REFLECTING our true national identity? This week I put it to the ABC’s Managing Director David Anderson that they now hire staff based on their IDENTITY rather than their MERIT. Watch a clip from Senate Estimates below:-

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Senate Estimates – ABC Gender Transition Leave

22 October 2020

Why is the ABC using YOUR money to pick THEIR favourites? An employee seeking gender transition leave gets additional paid leave. An employee who needs a knee reconstruction does not! Another staggering development from Estimates!

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Senate Estimates – ABC Survey

22 October 2020

ABC Australia’s internal polling says that 72% of Australians believe that they are impartial when reporting current affairs. A recent independent survey commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs found that only 32% of Australians believe the ABC represents their views. Last night in Senate Estimates the ABC’s Managing Director David Anderson told me that […]

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Adjournment – SA Xinjiang Association

07 October 2020

  I rise tonight to speak regarding the enduring plight of the Uighur people of East Turkestan, sometimes referred to as Xinjiang, at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. The Uighur people are the original inhabitants of the Xinjiang region and have a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years. The […]

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