Adjournment – State Parliaments

17 February 2021

State Parliaments across the country are pursuing an agenda of incursions into truth and decency such as Victoria’s Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill. Is your Member of Parliament protecting your values or is he or she hiding behind platitudes and false intellectualism? Is your Member of Parliament firm in his or her beliefs, […]

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Adjournment – The Political Class

24 February 2021

  I rise tonight to speak regarding a growing issue in Australian politics, being the increasing entrenchment of the political class in parliaments across the nation. This is a problem which has plagued the political landscape in the United States. As we speak, recently appointed US President Joe Biden is returning Washington to the political […]

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Adjournment Speech – Identity Politics

17 March 2021

Identity politics is the dastardly love child of political correctness and postmodernism and the bane of good decision making. The ABC is the most virulent haven of taxpayer funded identity politics in the country and now little more than a tax payer funded left-wing activist group at war with mainstream Australian values. It’s now up […]

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Adjournment Speech 11 May – Euthanasia State Parliament

13 May 2021

The radical Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (SA) will come before the South Australian House of Assembly this month and is another example of State Parliament prioritising radical social policy reform which devalues the very essence of our humanity. We must not forget the sanctity of life, and the belief that all human beings are equal, […]

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